By Steven Froias

When the Port of New Bedford initiated the New Bedford Ocean Cluster, it was with one primary idea in mind: That the incredible assets of the region’s maritime economy be brought together to achieve the critical mass necessary to compete globally as an oceanport.

The New Bedford Ocean Cluster will then align all marine-based assets in the area — from shipyards to welders to electricians to IoT technicians — and forge them into a collective of skills and infrastructure that will be prepared for all manner of ocean-based commercial enterprises.

The Port of New Bedford has tasked Xodus Group, a leading global energy consultancy, with the mission of leading the Offshore Renewables part of the New Bedford Ocean Cluster.

Leading the effort is Alexander Thillerup, new to these shores via Denmark and many other locations. On behalf of the Xodus Group, he is now engaged in assembling the local team.

Already, Brendan Quinn, who has worked ten seasons as a commercial scalloper, has been brought on board to coordinate the Offshore Renewables asset team.

Joining him is Alex Butters of the Port of New Bedford, who will lead a team dedicated to identifying Aquaculture opportunities on the South Coast.

And overseeing it all is Edward Anthes-Washburn, Port director, on behalf of the New Bedford Port Authority and the City of New Bedford, Jon A Mitchell, Mayor.

As the New Bedford Ocean Cluster grows and the organization and supply chain needed to navigate tomorrow charts its course, their motto is simple: Act Local First.

This will be especially important as the resources necessary for a sustainable wind energy industry based in New Bedford are identified.

As Anthes-Washburn has stated, “it’s our goal to ensure that the vast number of enterprises which support America’s #1 fishing port also play a role in wind, aquaculture and technology-based industries into the future.”

Act local first. Because, it’s all here — and together it is the New Bedford Ocean Cluster.

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