Started as a Port of New Bedford initiative, the New Bedford Ocean Cluster is now a free-standing non-profit agency all its own. 

A Board of Directors has been created to help guide the cluster and port through the years ahead. Xodus Group, the global energy consultancy firm, will still manage the New Bedford Ocean Cluster. 

However, as an independent entity it will become that much more nimble to adapt to changing circumstances and seize new opportunities as they arise in the offshore wind energy industry, as well as other maritime interests. 

The members of the New Bedford Ocean Cluster Board of Directors are:

John Bullard will serve as President of the New Bedford Ocean Cluster Board of Directors

Keith A. Decker, Chief Executive Officer: Blue Harvest Fisheries

John Quinn, Assistant Dean for Public Interest Law & External Relations: University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Jon Mitchell, Mayor of New Bedford

Edward Anthes-Washburn, Director, Business Development: Crowley Maritime

Anthony R. Sapienza, President of the Board of Directors for the New Bedford Economic Development Council

Jennifer J. Menard, Vice President, Economic and Business Development, Interim: Bristol Community College

Chris Rezendes, Chief Business Officer: Spherical Analytics

Dale Leavitt, Professor Emeritus – Marine Biology & Aquaculture Extension Specialist: Roger Williams University

Michael Quinn, Co-Owner: Quinn Fisheries, Inc.

The New Bedford Ocean Cluster is modeled after innovative information clusters associated with ocean port cities word-wide. Its direct forebear is the Iceland Ocean Cluster. Other clusters in the United States include the New England Ocean Cluster and the Long Island Sound Ocean Cluster. 

Each seeks to align the assets of port communities with the maritime future. They are designed to help existing marine-based enterprises navigate the possibilities of tomorrow when commercial fishing, blue technology, aquaculture and offshore wind energy launch from the same shores. 

The focus in New Bedford is the offshore wind energy industry as it is just in its infancy. However, innovative ideas in every field of marine activity are welcome at the table.

If you’d like to learn more, or align your business, service or organization with the New Bedford Ocean Cluster, contact information can be found here.